Putter Around

Mr. Divot’s Golf

Mr Divot's contains a variety of unique activities for you to spend the next four hours in Cleveland doing. Bring the kids along to enjoy an afternoon playing miniature golf. Looking for something bigger and better? Mr Divot's also has a personalized driving range for you to hone in on your professional golfing skills. If baseball is your sport, they even have a few high quality batting cages for you to take a few swings at.

Mr. Divot’s Queen

For a refresher on a hot summer day, Mr. Divot's has their very own ice cream shop attached for you to indulge in. To end the evening off, there is even a bar for you to relax and have a few drinks at. Talk about a day of enjoyments! Finished and have more time to spend in your 4 hour time frame and looking for more? A small two minute trip up the street can have you Jumping Around at the Jump Yard with your family!

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Cost: Under $40

Parking: Medium size parking lot

Age: Suitable for all ages

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