Catch a Fright

Bring Your Cameras for a Little Ghost Hunt

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Whether you are a true believer or wayward spirit, ahem, you cannot deny that spooky Erie feeling you get when visiting some of North East Ohio's most haunted and legendary hotspots. Vengeful castles and an abandoned town make this four hour trip a frightful delight to anyone who dares to complete it. While four hours may get you to the places, we end in such an open ended area that you can take as long as you like, maybe even forever.

Let the Hunt Begin


Squires Castle – Starting our journey at a historical landmark full of mystery and mayhem seemed appropriate for our Four Hour adventure in North East Ohio. Squire's Castle. Originally built by Feargus A. Squire in the 1800's, it now rests in the heart of the North Chagrin Valley Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks. Asides from the wonderful landscape and magnificent architecture, the history is rich within these walls. Mrs. Squire is said to have gone insane in the wilderness and it's solitude. She would often walk the grounds with a dim lit red lantern. One night she heard a noise in her husband's trophy room, and attempted to flee. She fell in the darkness and broke her neck. Some say she simply saw a reflection and fell. Others say she saw something so sinister that it caused her to flee. Lastly, I heard a dark rumor of her seeing her husband doing something and he had to make sure she couldn't tell. Either way, there is some mystery involved. Look towards the windows and see if you see a dim lit red light or maybe even Mrs. Squire. The park closes at night so you will want to start around dusk/sunset. Who knows what the darkness will bring?

drury mansion

Drury Mansion – Our next stop is the legendary Drury Mansion on the East Side of Cleveland. This house was built in early 1900's by Francis M. Drury. Built by a man who wanted to boast his wealth, this mansion even has a secret tunnel that goes under Euclid Avenue to the Drury Theatre. While this place is owned privately, currently, it won't stop you from driving by this work of architecture and stopping for photo ops. Look carefully at the photos though, because this mansion previously housed unwed mothers, and rumor has it, childrens images can be seen in various windows or places around the house.

franklin castle

Franklin Mansion – The scary meter tops out at the Frankiln Mansion. Closed down for many years, some still hear the screams and terrors of what lurks behind the deadbolted and barred front doors of this hell with an address. I have been told that if you drive behind the house on Vine Street, stop by the garage and turn your car off, that you can hear the souls from history's past calling out to you. Dont go any further though because this has become private property. But like the rest, the house will decide if they stay for long, or disappear.

sandwich from melt

The Melt – All this ghost hunting on an empty stomach is not good. The evil spirits can smell your weakness. There is only one place to satisfy an other worldly hunger, and thats Cleveland's very own Melt. The outstanding sandwich place that has appeared on the Food Network and a variety of other food shows, houses some of the most imaginitive and best sandwiches known to man, or any other entity for that matter. The kitchen is open until 11pm but is ALWAYS busy, so plan your trip to arrive here by 9:30pm at latest to get a table. Popularity does have it's price.They have classic sandwiches like the Big Popper, which is cream cheese, jalepenos, on fresh bread, then deep fried. Yum. My personal favorite was the Home Alone. Salisbury steak, au gratin potatoes, green beans, all grilled in fresh bread. Fantastic.

broken car

Hell Town – This is what you have all traveled for. An abandoned town riddled with legends and tales of ghosts as well as a menacing hearse that chases all who enter. There is a road to nowhere and a bridge that steals your car keys. As if the legends weren't enough to scare you, just the sight of a dead town thats so eeriely quiet, it can disturb the strongest of souls. head towards cry baby bridge, turn off your car and leave your keys on the seat. Get out and walk around car, then look for baby footprints. Yea, I know, creepy. It's called Crybaby Bridge. Watch out for a lurking hearse that will usher you out of town if seen. Maybe stop by the satanic church for a service, or visit the Boston graveyard with trees that move from spot to spot. This may be the mecca of macabre. It may have taken you four hours to get here, but the pay off is worth it. Enjoy your hunting and be sure to post all of your pictures online. We all want the truth to be seen.

Squire's Castle-Metro Parks,Wlloughby,Oh

Drury Mansion 8615 Euclid Avenue Cleveland,Oh

Franklin Castle 4308 Franklin Boulevard Cleveland,Oh

Melt 6700 Rockside Road Independence,Oh

Hell Town Boston Township,Oh (Stanford Road)

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