Unlock the Canal

  • Locks off Canal Road
  • Boaters on the Ohio Canal
  • Eleven Mile lock
  • Gate lock along the Ohio Canal
  • Frazee House
  • Frazee House
  • Frazee House
  • Along the trail
  • Old bridge work
  • Wild life
  • Cuyahoga River
  • Buckeye trail
  • Bridle trail
  • Frazee House
  • Lock 38
  • Visitor Center
  • Visitor CenterRenovations
  • Visitor CenterOnce known as Hell's Half Acre.
  • Hillside Road bridge
  • You are here
  • Historic houses
  • Working on Frazee House
  • Old Mill at Fitzwater and Canal Roads
  • Old Mill off of Canal Rd
  • House on Canal Road 1960No longer standing
  • Frazee House
  • Frazee House 1978
  • Wilson Mill on Canal Road 1949
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Canal History and More

The Ohio Erie Canal System extends from Cleveland to New Philidelphia and is 110 miles long. With many sites along the way and activities it is sure to make any perfect four hour trip for the more nature oriented view of the Cleveland area. Options such as the Pleasant Valley Train and revamped trails, both paved and unpaved, the Canal system is wonderful for a sunny Ohio day.

The Towpath that is available for anyone to use was the actual path once used by horses and mules to tow boats along the canal from Lake Erie and made it's way all the way to the Ohio River. The trail was used in this fashion from 1827 until 1913 when waterways were replaced by the far more efficient rail system.

Canal Sites to See

  • Stephen Frazee House: One of the first homes built along the canal system, the bricks were transported along the canal itself to be built. It is a simplified version of Georgian Style architecture. It has been renovated and does open to the public, but the hours vary greatly.
  • Wilson Mills: Known locally as the feedmill, they offer pet food, bird seed, bird feeders and garden seeds among other outdoor items. It once had a working water wheel and worked as a mill.
  • Locks 38, 39...etc.: The locks that would raise and lower the water height for passing boats.
  • Visitor Center: Formerly known as Hell’s Half Acre, this was originally a rest stop for those traveling the canal. These days it is a historic point for visitors to stop by and pick up a souvenier and pick up some local history.
  • William Knapp House: Located across the street from the Visitor Center, this was the house of William Knapp. It is currently owned by the park system, but has not been renovated yet and does not allow public visitors inside.

Canal Extras

To make your trip complete, try having breakfast or lunch at Lock Keepers Inn or Yours Truly. Both are located at the corner of Rockside and Canal and can be enjoyed before or after your excursion. Yours Truly is a family friendly restaurant, good for anytime and any age. Lock Keepers Inn is a little more adult. Both offer great service and can be the beginning or end to any hike, walk or bike ride.

If you are feeling like you want to see more, try the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. Multiple ways to ride plus seasonal attractions. Choices range from beer and wine tasting, bike and ride, to in-car dining and more.

With all that surrounds the Erie Canal System, there are enough choices to create day long adventures, short trips and scenic rides that can encompass your choice of time.

Make your own adventure come to life!

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Ideas and organization of “Unlock the Canal” contributed by Candice Domzalski